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Every Single Donation, Every Single Donor, Makes a Significant Impact on our Artists and our Community


Donor Categories

The Player Circle Donor Recognition program provides you with a range of valuable benefits and unique opportunities to connect with the Players! Join us and help us grow! Your gift is also 100% tax-deductible, and a tax receipt will be e-mailed to you for your records. Recognition in our playbills within the category of donation.




$99- $50


$249- $100



Patron $500 +

Prominently displayed in the Circle Club lobby of Players Circle Founders

Actor Circle $1,000+

All above and lunch with the Producing Artistic Director and visiting artist. Invitation to cast party following opening night.

Director Circle $5,000+

All above and poster of production signed by the cast. One time invitation to attend a rehearsal and meet the actors.

Producer Circle $10,000+

All above and one time invitation to attend a “first day rehearsal read through.”

Executive Producer Circle $20,000

all above an invitation to the exclusive season announcement party with the artistic director and members of the board.


Continuing support of $2,000 or more for five years benefits include all above.

Join them in supporting us today

Here are a Few of our Amazing Donors who have made a Difference for Players Circle Theater and for our Audiences!

Executive Producer Circle

Dave & Cheryl Copham
Chippendale Audiology
Pam Cronin
Jon Finstrom
Mary McVay
Gene and Lee Seidler
Donna Sublett
Jane & Bob Breisch – Sustainer
Vici and Russ Hamm – Sustainer
Sue Ann Pirsch – Sustainer
Tim Youngquist & Sandy Stilwell Youngquist – Sustainer
Steve & Vicki Zellner- Sustainer
Robert and Carrie Lund Cacioppo

Producer Circle

Fred and Jean Allegretti Foundation
BB Mann Performing Arts Hall
John Biffar
Joseph and Jo Ann Catti
Dennis and Peg Crowley
Mary Denison
Direct Impressions
Fran Fenning
Florida Weekly
Richard Hassan
Dan and Pat Jorndt
Quenzel Marketing Agency
Ron and Cherie Weaver
Denise and David Wright
Youngquist Brothers, Inc.

Director Circle

Creighton Construction and Development
Chris-Tel Construction & Strayhorn and Persons Law
Lou and Pat Dunning
John and Gloria Fassett
Fine Mark National Bank and Trust
Dr. Gerald and Sheila Laboda
David and Anne Lund
Peter and Amy Lund
Sally Lund
Lee Moore and Dee Whited
Greg and Fran Rooker
Nanelle Wehmann
Richard Burany

Actor Circle

John and Vasiliki Ayotte
Susan and Phill Bennett
Eugene and Marjorie Bilotti
Thomas Birch
William and Mary Bowman
Bruce and Janet Bunch
Alan and Jacquelin Cadkin
Susan and Drew Chicone
Maura Chippendale and Marcelo Pignatta
Paul W. Corliss
Richard Crowell
Alex Whitehair Design

Arthur D’ Alessio
Rob and Ruth Diefenbach
Roger and Cathy Dougan
Daniel and Susan Duval
Bob H. and Nancy Finch
Pason and Renee Gaddis
Marilyn Graham
Bary and Brenda Gray
Elaine and Fred Hawkins
Kathryn Kelly
Dena Kennedy
Roger and Karen Klotz
David and Susan Knust
Craig and Nancy Komatz

Mike and Sue Heyer
Charles E. Kuehn and Jeanne M. Shupe
Charles and Vickie Kuehn
Michele Laboda and Eric Dochinger
Lee County Electric Cooperative
Dr. Eugene and Joan Markham
Joan Maupin and Michael Stepto
Gary Morgan
Dave and Carol Munro
Dick and Mary Paulson
Vicki and Richard Pitbladdo
Robert Randell and Kassie Witte
Judith and Caroline Reich

Sanibel Captiva Community Bank
Roy and Barbara Silvers
Wayne and Sharon Smith
Dana and Cathy Snyder
Linda and Tom Van Wyk
Don and Andie Vogt
Cory and Bill Warther
Pink and Ron Wesorick
Matthew and Jayelyn Wessendorf


Julie Allen
Jeanine Ascioti
Vera Bergermann
Karen Borden
Rudy Berndlmaier
Rob Carvell
Dr. Patricia Covington
JoAnn Cristea
Robin and Greg Donovan

Pat Feinstein
Geraldine Feldman
Ellie Fox
Elaine Fritz
Mary Harmon
Larry Hart
Ernest and Sheila Hoen
Tom and Kerrey Hoolihan
Dr. Janice Ann Hughes
Frank Medici

Evelyn Keller
Karen Kinsley
Alan and Deena Gu Laties
Lynda Long
Robert and Bonnie Long
Gail Markham and Doug Meurer
Dawn McLean
Roberta A. Meissner
Clayton Parks
Sandy Roberts
Robert L. Schuster

Linda Snapp
Ken Stevens
Beverly D. Taht
Robin Tuthil
Charlene Vater
Jim and Ellie Waller
Ilene and Guy E. Whitesman
Michal Wiesler
Maria Wiles

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We believe that it bears great importance for locals as well as future generations. Players Circle Theater is the home to top-performing musicians, dancers, actors, and other performing artists. We aspire to keep the artistic appeal of theater alive.

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